Thursday, January 28, 2010

College Already?

I spent last Saturday at the PA College of Art & Design Open House in Lancaster, PA with my daughter, Maddie. I CANNOT BELIEVE she's in 11th grade, driving and looking at colleges already! I know I say this way too often, but where does the time go? And how does she keep getting older, but I don't? LOL, okay I made that part up. :D

Anyway, I wanted to share the experience with everyone. We had a great time, it's a terrific school and I think her mind is set on this college. We've looked at others, but this seems to be the one. We spent the day checking out the city. We went to galleries, had lunch and took lots of silly pictures.

Most of the professors at the school are also working artists and the students and professors are all very supportive of each other's work and success. My daughter was able to have her portfolio reviewed by one of the professors, which gave her a great head start for next year.

I have to admit, both the city and the school seem like the perfect fit for her but I'm still sad that we're already thinking about an empty nest. :(