Friday, May 28, 2010

Junior Prom

I have terribly neglected my poor little blog this month - but with good reason! It's been very hectic in our household lately with my daughter's art show (I'll post pictures next entry), lots of yard and house work, vacation planning and most daughter's junior prom!

They changed the venue for prom this year to a much larger hotel, which seemed to work out better. My daughter and her boyfriend came home with lots of 'swag', they said the food was great and there was plenty of room to move around, socialize and dance.

Her school also hosts an After Prom Party (a wonderful alternative to teenagers getting into trouble after prom is over). After Prom begins one hour after prom ends, giving the kids enough time to come home and change, and lasts until 3am. It's held in the school gym and always has a theme, games, prizes, contests and more. The kids love it and the parents are thankful for it. :-)

This is her second prom, as she attended her boyfriend's senior prom last year, so I have one more year of buying the dress, shoes, matching nail polish, making last minute alterations, and so on. Believe me when I tell you that 3 proms is plenty and I'll be more than ready to retire as a 'prom mom' when it's over.


PussDaddy said...

LOL. I only wish I had had that many prom dates.


Bonnie said...

HA HA Me too! Actually it's the same boyfriend, so only one prom date just different proms. I went to mine with my girlfriends!